Traditional bathrooms with timeless elegance.


B.C Sanitan
In a world where fashions come and go, the name B.C Sanitan continues to stand for values that are reassuringly enduring, offering you an experience so rewarding that it rises above mere passing trends. A promise of timeless styling that will continue to delight your eye, with a standard of quality that will defy the years.

Every traditional bathroom piece from B.C Sanitan is crafted in the heart of the English Potteries using skills handed down through the generations. The finest china clay is taken from the mould and lovingly smoothed by hand before firing. Pieces are then coated with not one but three separate layers of glaze – again by hand – to achieve the sparkling, glassy depth that characterises the B.C Sanitan finish.

Each piece is checked by their inspectors at every stage of the production process. For B.C Sanitan customers it is perfection, or nothing.

Timeless quality deserves a timeless guarantee, and that’s what you get with B.C Sanitan. Your investment is protected by nothing less than a Lifetime Guarantee on all sanitary ware.

TC Bathrooms
TC’s traditional bathrooms offer you a chance to really express yourself in a way that will stand the test of time. As the saying goes ‘fashion is temporary but class is permanent’.

As the centrepiece for any bathroom design their cast iron baths are hard to beat. Available in a range of shapes and styles these offer highly efficient thermal insulation. Once warm they retain heat much better than other types of bath.

Cast iron baths are clean and longer lasting than acrylic models. Their ready to paint exterior means they can be easily customised to fit in with your existing colour scheme.

BC Designs
BC Designs has become a landmark of quality for any discerning bathroom designer looking for something with that “Wow” factor.

The company sets out to impress the quality bathroom idealist and to produce products that are just that bit different. Focussing not on the look of the month, but more concerned with fundamental design features, crating classical furniture and products that never go out of fashion.

We've identified this range or product as being ideally suited to the less able bodied. Ask us how we can help design the perfect bathroom to suit your needs.

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